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Advocacy Committee 


Advocacy means to speak up, to plead the case of another, or to fight for a cause. Derived from the Latin word advocare, which means “coming to the aid of someone,” advocacy is an important function of most non-profit organizations. It describes a wide range of expressions, actions and activities that seek to influence outcomes directly affecting the lives of the people served by the organization. At our core, we conduct public policy on behalf of the community we serve.


Through our advocacy efforts, the Junior League of Pasadena (JLP) is committed to serving the needs of women in our community. Like many nonprofits, the Junior League of Pasadena conducts two primary types of advocacy: community and legislative. 


  • Community advocacy involves changing ideas and attitudes of the public. This is typically accomplished through educational programs that may include GMM presentations, advocacy training and webinars, social media, and direct mail.


  • Nonprofits pursue legislative advocacy when the target for change is a federal, state, or local law, school board policy or budget allocation, etc. Non-profit advocacy to influence legislation may involve legislative monitoring, contacting offices of elected representatives, letter writing campaigns, bill analysis to understand sponsored legislation, organization of coalitions or a variety of other activities. The Junior League of Pasadena is a proud sponsor of state legislation that creates opportunity and betters the lives of women and children.


Within JLP, our community advocacy includes a variety of internal and external initiatives. Examples include:

  •  voter education trainings;
  •  supporting national efforts such as 2020 Census;
  •  visiting the Pasadena City Hall and attending a council meeting;
  •  connecting with local elected officials;
  •  understanding the CalSPAC issue areas of Health, Education, Family Support, Violence Prevention, Anti-Human Trafficking and legislation that supports these areas;
  •  bill analysis training;
  •  sponsoring legislation that impacts our community and/or the State of California  – annual conference participation for the CalSPAC Senior and Junior delegates; and
  •  attending the Day at the Capitol in Sacramento with the CalSPAC Delegation representing 17 leagues throughout California serving over 8,500 women.

Collectively, these opportunities serve as a training ground for our members to learn about the role of advocacy and how to engage in public policy. 


The Advocacy Committee:

  • educates our members about the role of advocacy and how every woman can become an advocate. “Voting is one of the most powerful forms of advocacy.”
  • coordinates advocacy educational activities for our members, such as: bill analysis training, letter writing campaigns, Women’s Suffrage Month, supporting national efforts such as the 2020 Census, Voter Registration and Education, efforts, presents legislation to the members for support, etc.
  • coordinates partnerships with the City of Pasadena, including tours of City Hall and attending meetings for the City Council and the Commission on the Status of Women;
  • participated in Day at the Capitol with elected representatives and the CalSPCA delegation;
  • members serve as the point of contact for the Junior League of Pasadena’s outreach to all local elected representatives;
  • supports the CalSPAC Junior and Senior Delegates attending four CalSPAC conferences each year;
  • reports out to members the suggested CalSPAC supported legislation for a league membership vote at the Spring CalSPAC conference each year and;
  • develops an annual signature Advocacy event or program.


Insight and experience for Advocacy Committee: 

  •  Members will learn how to be an advocate
  •  Members will gain experience coordinating educational advocacy events for our membership
  •  Members will gain experience contacting and partnering with local elected representatives
  •  Members will gain experience with bill analysis training
  •  Members will gain experience in public speaking
  •  Members will learn about the five CalSPAC issues areas: Education, Family Support, Health, Human Trafficking, Violence Prevention
  •  Members will learn about sponsored legislation
  • The Senior and Junior CalSPAC Delegates will receive training at the four CalSPAC annual conferences


The Junior League of Pasadena is a member of the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee (CalSPAC). The non-partisan group represents 17 Junior Leagues across California and over 8,500 women. 
Since 1971, CalSPAC has represented the interests of its member Leagues and their community projects to policymakers at the national, state and local levels. CalSPAC advocates for legislation favorable to its member Leagues’ projects and issue areas in: Education, Family Support, Health, Human Trafficking and Violence Prevention.
CalSPAC member Leagues provide over 110,000 volunteer hours via 125 community projects through out the State of California and give over $1,000,000 annually to their communities.
CalSPAC five issue areas:
Ensures that all children and young adults receive educational opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, increase achievement and lead to workplace marketability.
CalSPAC is committed to advocating for programs and policies that promote the emotional and physical well being of all families. 
CalSPAC is committed to advocating for better access to quality health  care and prevention programs that will improve the mental and physical health of our community members.
CalSPAC is committed to ending human trafficking in all its forms. CalSPAC supports policies and programs that stop human trafficking, advocate for victims, and educate the community at large.
Addressing the impact of violence on our community members through prevention, intervention, and education.
To learn more about CalSPAC and the Junior League of Pasadena’s Advocacy Committee, please contact [email protected].





The Junior League of Pasadena as part of CalSPAC has had a pivotal role in advocating for change including supporting legislation, encouraging voter registration, and interacting with government officials.

Speak Up When You’re Down-Perinatal Depression Awareness

CalSPAC sponsored Assembly Concurrent Resolution 105 in 2010 which designated the month of May each year in California as Perinatal Depression Awareness Month. The month of May was selected to coincide with Mother’s Day.   In 2011, CalSPAC co-sponsored Assembly Concurrent Resolution 53, the Kelly Abraham Martinez Act with the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force. This measure urged hospital providers, mental health care providers, health plans, and insurers to invest resources to educate women about perinatal depression risk factors and requested ahat a statewide network of stakeholders explore ways to assist with the development of perinatal depression prevention educational materials. Learn more and find resources at

Voter Registration

The Junior League of Pasadena participates in National Voter Registration Day, a national effort to strengthen our community be registering hundreds of voters.

Day at the Capitol

Each spring SPAC coordinates an educational trip to Sacramento for Junior League members. The day includes speakers from both the Assembly and the Senate, a tour of the Capitol Building, a legislative luncheon, and visits with legislators and staffers.

Local impact

  • Field Trip to City Council
  • Trip to Commission of the Status of Women meeting
  • Film Screenings
  • Letter Writing Campaigns for supported legislation
  • Participation and attendance at local Assemblymember’s events