New Member Commitments

Application Commitments

In addition to the application, the following commitments are also expected:

Time Commitments

  1. Participate in 75% of New Member training and events – class meetings are held monthly
  2. Attend three General Membership Meetings of the JLP
  3. Perform a total of 12 hours of volunteering/participation at JLP Fundraising or Community Events, with at least three of the hours for Fundraising.
  4. Participate in the New Member Class Project

Financial Commitments

  1. Pay New member dues of $215
  2. Pay Active member dues of $215 for the upcoming League year by March 1st
  3. There is also an expectation that in addition to annual dues, New Members shall support JLP fundraising through the purchase of tickets to League sponsored events and/or by donating goods or services as necessary